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Ever since I was young I have had an interest in people, relationships and what makes us who we are.   

And yet, somehow I didn’t pursue that passion. Instead, I majored in Computer Science and Maths at the University of Melbourne (with some biology thrown in), becoming an IT Consultant specialising in Project Management. I loved my corporate work, being immersed in leading edge (and sometimes bleeding edge) technologies. As the years went on I knew it was time for a career change. I left the corporate world and returned to studying – but this time in a whole new sector all about people.

At the same time I took my Project Management skills and used them in the Family Violence Sector implementing Men’s Behaviour Change Programs and associated support services.   

I now run my own psychotherapy practice in St Kilda Road Melbourne and I cherish every single moment I spend with my clients. I truly care for every client that has walked through my door and it’s an absolute honour to sit with each and every one of you.


My approach is grounded in both traditional psychotherapy and in the latest neuro-scientific research. I combine Gestalt Psychotherapy with Somatic Experiencing.

I am committed to a continual life long journey of integrating the mind and psyche with the body or soma.   I believe that our stresses and traumas implant not only in our narrative but also within our cells and tissues.  I believe that to move forward in our lives we must integrate our whole selves.

My hope is that in my rooms you will feel supported to explore whatever is causing you stress and that together we can enrich your life and relationships.

A referral or diagnosis is not required.  Come just as you are and that is where we will commence our work together.


Gestalt Psychotherapy focuses on self-awareness and personal responsibility. 

The relationship and interaction between the therapist and the client is integral to Gestalt.  It's the container which allows us to build trust and create a safe space marked by caring, warmth, acceptance and self-responsibility. It is a holistic therapy based on the understanding that every person is a whole (mind, body and soul), always emerging and situated in a relationship with others.

Gestalt Psychotherapy does not only focus on what the problem is, it also addresses how to deal with it.  


Somatic Experiencing (SE) is based on over 40 years of research with clients experiencing PTSD, and other stress and trauma-related health problems. 

SE was founded and developed by Dr Peter Levine. 

It is a gentle approach which utilises the sensation in the body (ie your somatic experiences) to re-negotiate and resolve the effects of trauma.  Those instinctual actions that were unable to take place at the time of the trauma will be safely and gradually discharged.

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